This was my 3rd global game jam and it was an amzing experience filled with new friends and new knowledge.

I decided to go with developers whom I have never worked with and don't know very well, so I ended up teaming up with few of the executives of AGDA (AMS Game Development Association)

Turned out they were co-ops working at East Side Games and I learnt quite a lot from them.

We were able to complete the MVP of the game which is a local multiplayer couch co-op platfomer inspired by Ultimate Chicken Horse

One player would control the jumper who tries to jump to the red flag, and the rest of the players would have a chance to shoot at the jumper

If the jumper gets shot, the body turns into an obstacle that stop or helps the jumper along the way. Everyone then takes turns being the jumper

We were able to present it at the game jam and I couldn't be more proud with my team.

Unity - January 2018

Link to Github
Link to GGJ