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Main Projects

Birdy Hop

Hop the birdy from platform to platform to get the highest amount of points and be rewarded with a medal.

Food Swipe

Be the fastest chef in the kitchen, finish your recipe before time runs out and get the highest score possible.


Save the ships from crashing by shining a light over them. Save all ships at once using your powered up lighthouse.



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University of British Columbia

Bachelor Of Science in Computer Science
December 2016 Graduate


Game Development





Visual Studio

Mobile Development

Objective C










Android Studios



Software Developer - PressReader

May 2019 - Present

Vancouver, Canada

iOS and Android developer on the front-end team

• Created a process to build and publish batches of Android applications onto Google Play, by using a continues integration solution on Team City, reducing average processing time from 30 minutes to 5

• Maintained and supported several mobile applications for customers by implementing design changes while refactoring code base allowing faster design changes for future client requests

• Built an automated pipeline allowing clients to generate and build new customized Android applications for themselves, optimizing development time from 24 hours to 30 minutes.

Junior Mobile Developer - News360

Nov 2017 - Present

Vancouver, Canada

Mobile developer on the front-end team working on both Android and iOS platforms implementing new features and designs

• Restructured Android application code base to follow model view presenter design pattern to facilitate automated unit testing allowing 70% test coverage

• Implemented A/B testing on mobile applications covering user experience and design utilizing the Firebase SDK, which led to a 5% increase of on-boarding conversion rate

• Integrated accelerated mobile pages (AMP) into Android application by prioritizing AMP sites over original sources leading to 6x faster load times

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Game Developer - InkPad Studios

May 2017 - May 2018

Vancouver, Canada

Worked in a team of four to create a Unity developed mobile game called Battleship Buddies published to the Google Play Store

• Created the AI for a mobile battleship game by designing and implementing a finite state machine execution flow which resulted in an average 60% win rate for the CPU

• Implemented authentication, analytics and push notification features by integrating Firebase services into the Unity game engine, giving the product team marketing and analytics tools

• Integrated Google Firebase to utilize its analytics, database and authentication features for detailed understand of player statistics

Google Play Store


Food Swipe Personal 2019
Birdy Hop Personal 2018
Battleship Buddies Inkpad Studios 2017
Knots Personal 2017
Platformation UBC Global Game Jam 2018
Mini Golf Generator Personal 2018
Stay Awake AMS Game Development Association 2018
Speed Touch Personal 2017


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Hi there

My name is Martin Tsang and I'm currently a mobile developer at PressReader. I have been programming since my first year at UBC and have graduated with a major in Computer Science since December 2016. My dream is to enter the gaming industry to some day be part of an amazing team to build an FPS game.

My interests include gaming, board games, PC Building and developing my own games.